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The Infamous Ransomware RansomHouse Group Hits: Hbl Cpas, P[.]C[.] in a recent cyber attack, raising concerns about cybersecurity vulnerabilities. To stay ahead of emerging threats, fortify your online security with the HookPhish Dark Web Monitoring platform. Explore HookPhish Dark Web Monitoring.


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RansomHouse Logo

Victim Name Hbl Cpas, P.C.
Victim Website
(if available)
Description Our purpose is to deliver the highest value for our clients to help them achieve their vision by being their best guide and partner. But, what is a partner? What is a guide? And in which order should they occur? A partner is defined as one who takes part in an undertaking with others. A guide is a person who assists others to reach a destination by accompanying them. HBL was started in 1973 with a commitment to provide excellent client service. But over the last 40 years we have learned that providing excellent service isn’t enough. Clients expect excellent service. We wanted to do better. And so the concept of being our clients’ best partner and guide was developed.
Scraped Date 2024-02-06T16:03:11.782Z
Encrypted Date 25/11/2023
Company Revenue $7,8 Million
Employee Count 29
Amount of Files about 60Gb
Disclosure Status EVIDENCE
Disclosure Date DEPENDS ON YOU
Evidence Pack Downloadable YES
Full Data Dump Downloadable NO
Additional Information N/A
Number of Dark Web Post Views (at the time of scraping) 91



RansomHouse Ransomware Group

The ‘RansomHouse’ group is a data-extortion cybercrime operation that emerged in December 2021. Unlike traditional ransomware groups, RansomHouse claims not to use ransomware and instead focuses on breaching networks through their own tools. The group employs a double-extortion model, exfiltrating data and threatening to publish it if ransom demands are not met. RansomHouse has been associated with high-profile attacks, with victims listed on its data leak site, and has targeted various organizations, including a German airline support service provider and Canada’s Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA).


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