Cybersecurity Phishing Simulation and Awareness Training

Improve security with phishing simulation and ongoing cybersecurity training for employees.

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    How Can We Help Keep Your Employees Safe?

    HookPhish provides the complete toolkit for any company to create a healthy security-aware culture.

     Everything you need in one platform

    Phishing Simulation

    Strengthen your defenses against phishing attacks with our Phishing Simulation training.

    Awareness Training

    Educate Your Employees to Defend Against Social Engineering Attacks

    Data Leak Protection

    Protect your employees sensitive data from unauthorized access and leaks with our comprehensive

    Phishing Detect

    Detect and prevent phishing, typosquatting, and brand impersonation attacks with our monitoring service.

    Reduce the Risk of Phishing Attacks

    Phishing attacks are more sophisticated than ever. Our approach goes past simply training and creates habits that help employees spot and avoid phishing emails.

    Automated Phishing Testing

    Pick from 100s of phishing email templates to schedule and launch ongoing phishing tests to employees.

    Instant Training Moments

    Provide instant video training feedback to employees who click on phishing tests.

    Train your people Against cyber threats

    Phishing Simulation

    Conduct sophisticated phishing campaigns across your organization to measure behavioral change.

    Interactive Tests

    Interactive Tests built into our tutorials test knowledge and awareness of information security best practice.

    Real-life Scenarios

    Scenario based tutorials with branching narratives that take users through case studies teaching best practice.

    Custom Phish Editor

    Create your own phishing simulation emails in our drag and drop editor or choose from our extensive template library.

    Improve Your Security Posture

    HRM is the one-stop solution to build a security-savvy workforce as security awareness training alone is not enough to transform user behavior.

    Metrics and targets

    HookPhish provides a more comprehensive view of an organization’s security posture and behavior change outcomes compared to traditional training metrics, which may be incomplete and misleading.

    Reduce risk
    Behavior Change
    detect rates
    lower failure rates

    Everything you need in one platform

    Maximize security ROI with the leading human risk platform that identifies vulnerable users and changes their behavior. It’s resilience made simple and automatic.