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Victim Name Signature Performance Insurance
Victim Description Signature Performance (Signature) is a leading provider of healthcare administrative solutions and services. The company was created in 2004, at present the staff of the arts are more than 1250 people. Signature Performance corporate office is located in 10250 Regency Cir Ste 500, Omaha, Nebraska, 68114, United States
Price or Published Status $ 2500000
Post Date 2024-01-24 06:49:17
Number of Dark Web Post Views (at the time of scraping) 152

Medusa Ransomware Group

The ‘Medusa’ ransomware group has had a significant impact on businesses, targeting a wide range of industries, including high technology, education, manufacturing, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations. According to Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 researchers, the Medusa ransomware possibly impacted 74 organizations worldwide in 2023, primarily targeting Windows environments[1]. The group has been known to employ a multi-extortion strategy, pressuring victims by publishing sensitive data on their dedicated leak site, and providing them with multiple options, such as time extension, data deletion, or the download of all the data, each with a price tag[3]. The Medusa ransomware group has also been observed targeting vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to gain initial access to victims’ networks, and once inside, they encrypt the victim’s data and leave a ransom note with instructions on how victims can make a ransom payment[2][5]. The impact of these attacks has been far-reaching, with organizations across various sectors and geographic locations falling victim to the group’s activities. The Medusa ransomware is highly sophisticated, making it difficult to detect and stop, and its encryption algorithms are extremely challenging to break[2]. The group’s indiscriminate targeting emphasizes the universal threat posed by such ransomware actors[4].


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