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Victim Information

Victim Name Project M.O.R.E.
Victim Revenue $7.1M
Victim Employees 81
Victim Country United States of America
Victim Stocks N/A
Victim Website hXXps://projectmore[.]org
Updated Date 2024-01-04T13:37:30.000Z
Countdown Expiry Date & Time

Disclosure Information

Data Exfiltrated true
Data Encrypted true
Screenshots Posted NO
Number of File Directory Listed 1
Categories of Data 1407, 1870
Total File Size Exfiltrated 23.14 GB
Total Number of Files 26390

Hunters International Ransomware Group

The ‘Hunters International’ ransomware group, a new ransomware-as-a-service brand, has emerged using code from the Hive ransomware operation, leading to the valid assumption that the old gang has resumed activity under a different flag[1]. The group has claimed victims across various industries and countries[2]. It has been reported that the group is denying allegations of being a rebranded Hive ransomware operation, stating that they are a new service on the ransomware scene who purchased the encryptor source code from the Hive developers[1]. The FBI’s takedown of the Hive ransomware collective in January 2023 has led to the emergence of the new ransomware group, Hunters International[5].

While there are no specific articles about the ‘Hunters International’ ransomware group, it is important to note that the group’s activities have raised concerns about the security of various organizations, including healthcare institutions[3]. The emergence of this new ransomware group, leveraging the source code and infrastructure of the Hive ransomware, has significant implications for cybersecurity.

Given the evolving nature of this threat, organizations and individuals should stay informed about the latest developments and best practices to protect their systems and data from ransomware attacks. Vigilance, robust cybersecurity measures, and adherence to best practices are essential in mitigating the risk posed by the ‘Hunters International’ ransomware group and similar threats.


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