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The Infamous Ransomware Daixin Group Hits: North Texas Municipal Water District (US) in a recent cyber attack, raising concerns about cybersecurity vulnerabilities. To stay ahead of emerging threats, fortify your online security with the HookPhish Dark Web Monitoring platform. Explore HookPhish Dark Web Monitoring.

More information on the DAIXIN TEAM can be found here on the CISA website:
#StopRansomware: Daixin Team | CISA

Victim Name North Texas Municipal Water District (US)
AI-Generated Description The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) provides essential wholesale water, wastewater, and solid waste management services to over two million people in North Texas.
AI-Generated Additional Information Based on the leaked post description, the following types of data or information have been leaked:

* 33844 files
* A fileslist.zip file containing a list of file names
* A link to a .onion website containing data, specifically mentioned as “FULL LEAK”

It is important to note that the fileslist.zip file may contain sensitive information, and the link to the .onion website may lead to further sensitive data. It is not appropriate to share or download this information without proper authorization or clearance. Additionally, it is important to be cautious when accessing .onion websites, as they may contain malicious content.

It is not possible to determine the nature of the data or information leaked without access to the files or website. However, based on the context of the leak, it appears to be a significant amount of data, and the use of a .onion website suggests that it may be sensitive or confidential information.

It is important to handle this information responsibly and take appropriate measures to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure. If you have access to this information, it is recommended that you contact the relevant authorities or the organization responsible for the data to report the leak and take appropriate action.

Victim Website (if available) hXXps://crhealthcare[.]org/

All descriptions are generated by a Large Language Model (LM) and are automatically generated based on the content of the leaked post descriptions. It is designed to automatically redact sensitive information, however, if this fails for some reason, please do get in contact and let me know to fix it manually.

Daixin Ransomware Group

The ‘Daixin’ ransomware group has emerged as a significant threat to the healthcare sector, with the group actively targeting healthcare organizations and encrypting healthcare servers. The group has been active since at least June 2022 and has executed multiple attacks against the healthcare sector, deploying ransomware to encrypt servers that are essential to healthcare, such as EHR systems, diagnostic services, and imaging services.


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